Our values

A real lever of motivation, kindness and involvement,
team cohesion is a priority.

Creative, agile and collaborative

The multiple skills of our employees reflect the diversity of the sectors where our company is involved. This asset develops the transversality between designers and engineers and improve the performance of DEMS. Our values determine our behavior, and influence our operation. Those values are translated into ambition, a common and unifying determination, for an effective collaboration.

Creativity transcribes our ability to create and innovate. Our employees constantly propose solutions by analyzing and synthesizing the constraints in order to make the project, relevant.

Being agile Is being flexible and reactive. Our state of mind pushes us to respond quickly to clients by being close to them. The climate instilled by all employees reinforces this dynamic, by combining speed and efficiency.

Unity is strength. The identity of DEMS arises from this peculiarity. Thus, we bring together experts based on the skills of each of them to work efficiently and effectively to sustain your project.