Our skills

Design, R & D, Technical Definition ;
the transversality of skills is at the heart of the project development.

Structured to ensure and guarantee the success of our client’s projects, DEMS is organized around 3 areas : Design, R & D and Technical Definition. Each of these poles unify experienced and recognized experts, necessary for project development, from needs to industrialization.

Design Pole

Composed of transportation, products and HMI designers, architects, 2D / 3D graphic designers, surface modelers, ergonomists, experts in human factors, study engineers and buyers, the Design division reflects and implements the "synapse methodology". Design and engineering work together from the beginning of the project to integrate all the constraints and reduce the delay of development. 

The concentration of these experts demonstrates our willingness and our ability to work transversally, for more performance.

R&D Pole

Developer of innovative solutions, it is composed of engineers and PhDs. His role: Investigate solutions or concepts in the making.

Technical Definition

Designers, draughtsman, designers, engineers, technical writers are divided into 6 distinct specialties; chassis, bodywork, mechanics, electronics, after-sales service, prototyping and industrialization. The transversality of these skills ensures feasibility and performance of the project. Mastering software such as Solidworks, Catia, CREO and Solid Edge strengthens our ability to create solutions by anticipating all the constraints of development.