Our partners

Our philosophy lies in our determination and our ability to innovate and to be competitive. Over the years, DEMS has been structured to make this spirit, sustainable.

Growth and perspective

Key factor of success, we are aware of the opportunities that companies and organizations can bring to specific expertise. Being confronted to high-tech sectors by integrating competitiveness clusters and strengthening its know-how thanks to the complementary skills of companies to which we place all confidence is the truly nature of DEMS. These initiatives reinforce our will and our ability to fully design a product, a powerful and innovative project.

This approach is reflected in the acquisition in 2016 of Sarrazin Design, a agency of style with its own signature. Composed of designers, it offers a creative approach and an experience totally different from that of DEMS; emotional creativity. By overcoming technical constraints, the agency imagines, draws and creates projects, providing emotion through a product, a form, a material. A decisive step for the emergence of style...

In order to promote creative engineering, DEMS has formed, this year, an alliance with the MAFELEC group. This merger reaffirms our position by confronting us with cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics, railways, naval and defense. As a specialist in the human machine interface, MAFELEC has, for 60 years, offered recognized expertise in the development of control and signaling solutions for harsh environments. This alliance aims to complete our offer, particularly in the areas of HMI and innovative lighting. An important step to maintain and consolidate our growth and offer our customers the strength of an international group.

Also, being a member of many professional networks help to facilitate and to accelerate innovation. An opportunity for DEMS, to participate in collaborative projects, but also to benefit of the advantages of the interventions, to sensitize member companies to the design. Thus, we adhere to five networks and poles of competitiveness benefiting for each of one of a specific thematic:

- APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation)

- ID4CAR (Vehicle, mobility and agriculture)

- LUTB (Trucks and bus)

- MOVE’O (Mobility and automobile)

- NEOPOLIA (Railway, aeronautic and naval)