Our identity

Acronym of "Design Engineering Management Services",
DEMS brings together, from the beginning of the project, experts with additional know-how to optimize and guarantee the development the products.

DEMS, Creative engineering

The synergy determines the performance of projects. Thus, each of our services is based on an innovative project approach, called "Synapse Methodology". This approach aims to accelerate the design by anticipating the complexities encountered by a collaborative work, between designers and engineers.

Linking buyers, methods experts, architects, engineers, designers, ergonomists can integrate all the constraints of the project, from its beginning. By combining these actors, the safety of the projects is optimized and the iterations are reduced to ensure success.


From need to industrialization, our experts are concentrating, are studying and guide the project development, between creativity and technical feasibility. This collaboration results in the formation of 4 complementary poles, which are:

Design (Synapse Methodology) 

To bring creativity and innovation to the project.


To study, design and achieve in a viable way, the project.


Intended for project, costs, quality and risks management, but also for the implementation of specific offers (acceptability, design to cost, design guideline ...), supervised by a qualified project manager.

Les services

The intelligence and the skills of our experts are developed for the benefit of our clients, from co-design to project development, in the form of workshops, formations...