Our history


An ambitious bet...

After 12 years of collaboration within an International Group, Patrice Besson, Engineer and Thierry Sauvaget, Designer, wished to join their skills in order to develop a process where the duality design / engineering becomes inseparable. A time saving and a certain investment for the clients, which pushed the associates to set up a new methodology ...

It was then they decide to create in 2012, the company DEMS, Design & Engineering Office with an innovative approach mixing design and engineering, to keep the idea inventive until industrialization. This particularity is the result of an observation where the technical feasibility of a project wasn’t always included in the design process.

Thanks to this "synapse methodology", the synergy of design and engineering guarantees, from the beginning of the project, the creativity and the feasibility of it.

Depuis 2019, DEMS est la marque "Transport" du Groupe DEMS, partenaire expert du développement produit industriel.

Centre de développement de véhicules, DEMS développe des solutions de mobilité sûres et durables, du cahier des charges à l'homologation.