Multidisciplinary skills at the project development service


Conductor of the development process, DEMS has been structured to anticipate every obstacle capable to hinder the industrialization of the product. Our multidisciplinary team is able to set up methods to develop the company's performance and initiate an improvement process.


These specific actions aim at continuously increasing the efficiency of the client's processes in the development of their projects. They are translated in field audits, trainings, creative works called "workshops", essential tools for the competitiveness of companies. Thus, we develop the skills of our clients by providing highly qualified consultants capable to increasing the innovation sources outside the company.


Downstream, DEMS preserves the continuity of the collaboration by giving the possibility to ensure a follow-up, for the assembly for example, at the client factory. Our "flying engineers" then become the guarantors of the technical development, in accordance with the specifications and the deadlines.