A tailor-made support


Key factor of success, the structuring of the project management is essential. Thus, the management implies a solid and efficient organization to meet the objectives of our clients. Each project has a detailed action plan in which QCDR (Quality / Cost / Delay / Risk) is materialized according to the client's predominant criteria, in order to achieve the set objectives.


Risks are inherent properties of project development. With our synapse methodology, DEMS anticipates and masters them to consolidate your project, to increase your competitiveness. To apply this, a multidisciplinary team integrating specialists of different professions agreed, under the aegis of the project manager to carry out the project. Single point of contact with the client, the project manager ensures and coordinates the development, in accordance with the contractual commitments previously established.


The synergy of the skills reinforces and guarantees the acceptability of the project, by integrating specific methods such as Design Guideline or Design to cost, according to the objectives set. The implementation of these offers, supervised by a qualified project manager, reinforces our ability to conduct a project with autonomy and independently, providing to the clients the insurance of a recognized expertise through the provision of regular reports.