From design to industrialization

Composed of designers, draughtsmen, designers, engineers and technical writers, DEMS ensures and coordinates the definition, the design and the realization of the product, previously defined in the "Design" phase.

By examining the feasibility and the technical alternatives from the conceptual phase, our experts design and optimize all the technical solutions (feasibility, mechanical strength, profitability ...) and production methods. Thus, they transcribe the graphic and volumic characteristics of the concept, thanks to their perfect mastery of various CAD softwares.

Divided into 6 distinct specialties; the chassis, the body, the mechanics, the electronics, the after-sales service, the prototyping and the industrialization, our experts work in synergy to develop your product. The interaction of these poles defines the technical feasibility by transforming a concept into a prototype, and a prototype into an industrial product, in accordance with the client's specifications.