The design is not limited to aesthetics. At DEMS, it is reflected in the synergy between style, concept and pre-study, involving a user-centered approach and the use of products or services, a translation of a successful conceptual reflection.

Design, between creativity and rationality

The relevance of a reflection is the beauty of the form. Whether they are vehicles, machines, industrial products or service, our teams think about the shapes, colors, ergonomics, use and functionality of the project. Our mission is to improve perceived quality by innovating and differentiating, with respect and cost control. This approach is reflected in the creation of an innovative methodology, called "Synapse Methodology" where experts from different trades come together, combining design with engineering...

The Synapse methodology, the nature of DEMS

Composed of transport, products and HMIs designers, product architects, 2D / 3D graphic designers, surface modelers, ergonomists, experts in human factors and buyers, the Design division reflects and implements this methodology. Thus, from the first sketches, DEMS is involved beyond a purely aesthetic approach. By combining different actors, from the beginning of the project, his acceptability is ensured. This methodology success to integrate all the constraints of the multiple business lines by optimizing the creation process, by reducing the time and the costs.

Concretely, this results in an analysis phase (values, concurrency, use, positioning ...) allowing the creation of several innovative concepts. While designers define the values, the image of the brand as well as the identity and the signature of the product, volume and graphic, the engineers analyzing too the possible processes and technologies. With this methodology, our team is mutually enriching to produce creative engineering, essential to innovation and product performance.

By integrating the constraints of each job, we secure the project by respecting everyone's expectations. Beyond project development, the transversal approach initiated by the synapse methodology instills passion in our teams by stimulating creativity, agility and collaboration, values that are unique to DEMS, in a positive climate for the benefit of our clients.